Virginia PRIMA supports and fosters the public risk and insurance management professions. Virginia PRIMA membership provides a direct link to highly experienced professionals who can offer timely advice and input on key issues affecting your job and your public entity. Our members include prominent risk and insurance professionals from a wide range of public entities and professional insurance organizations, and the exhibitors who support our operations.

Virginia PRIMA works closely with the National PRIMA organization and adheres to its bylaws and standards. Our current Virginia PRIMA Board President, Steve M. Lepock, who is also the Risk Manager for the Virginia Beach City Public School Divison.

There is no other organization that serves the Virginia public risk and insurance professional like Virginia PRIMA. If you're in our profession and not currently an active member of Virginia PRIMA, NOW is the perfect time to join!

Below are two options for submitting your membership application and payment:






Option 1 - complete the membership application and submit it along with your check to the address listed on the bottom of the form.

Option 2 - to pay by credit card, submit your payment by clicking on the PayPal button below and upon receipt of your email payment confirmation email it along with your completed membership application to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Membership Options


2017 Virginia PRIMA Membership Options

Membership classifications  are listed below:

  • $40.00 Primary Membership (one per entity/organization).
  • $30.00 Associate Membership (additional persons from same entity/organization).
  • $40.00 Industrial affiliate (non-voting members representing the private sector).
  • $  0.00 New Member 

Primary Membership: Includes those governments and government entities or political subdivisions there of or public entity risk pools (as defined by the Governmental Accounting Standards Board) that has been approved for admission by the Board of Directors.  Each government member will have a designated representative. This is a voting category of membership.

Associate Membership: Includes employees or government members other than the designated representative. It is not required that associate members be primarily responsible for risk management for their employing government entity.

Industrial Affiliate: Includes organizations that do not qualify for either of the above member categories but may include brokers, insurance representatives or other associated risk management related vendors.. Affiliate members may not vote or hold office, but are entitled to all other benefits.

New Members:  Open to all organizations...  If you are a new member, your 2017 Virginia PRIMA Membership is FREE!  This cannot be processed through PayPal. Please complete the membership application and follow the instructions.

Thanks for your interest in Virginia PRIMA.












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